Chantal Hause

Chantal Hause, Proprietor

Chantal started in the restaurant business at John Gardner’s Tennis Ranch, now the Sanctuary on Camelback, as a buffet attendant. She then moved to Vincent’s as a day hostess and manager, then catering manager. Next up she jumped on board the Coffee Plantation bandwagon. Finally she tackled life at Continental Catering prior to deciding that the grass was greener when you work for yourself…What a fool!

In 1996, Chantal and Skip launched Fabulous Food, and they have been producing one of a kind events with exquisite artisan cuisine ever since. So in 2011, when the opportunity to tackle a new adventure presented itself, the owners of Fabulous Food took a flying leap into the restaurant industry with Gertrude’s. Sometimes you just have to jump!

A Little More About Chantal

1) What is your favorite comfort food? Pepperoni Pizza
2) What was your favorite meal as a child? Fried Chicken
3) What would your last meal be? Gummy Bears, My Mom’s Peanut Clusters, and Champagne OR Kumumoto Oysters, Seared Foie Gras, Lamb Chops, Raw Ahi Tuna, and a Killer Glass of Rombauer

4) What is favorite restaurant in the Valley? Gertrude’s, of course!
5) What is your favorite restaurant on the planet? The Hause House, Scottsdale

6) Do you prefer your peanut butter smooth or crunchy? Smooth – crunchy people are just strange
7) What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? Bone Marrow…EEEWWWW!!!!

8) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Ben and Jerry’s Pfish Food

9) What food do you hate? How much space do I have??? Hairy berries, cream cheese, steamed cauliflower, broccoli, anything that might flirt with a jar of Velveeta, lima beans, salmon, coconut, limp soft shell crab, Ponzu, no nuts in my sushi, no corn in my soup, fish sauce, cooked tuna, tarragon, cardamom, runny egg yolks, shall I continue???

10) What is your favorite drink? Great wine

11) What is your guilty pleasure? Spa day – can I have one soon???

12) What is the number one most played song on your iPod? Love Gun, Kiss

13) What is your favorite form of exercise? Chasing after my children
14) Who is your favorite musician or band? I love myself a good Steven Tyler
15) Who is your favorite cartoon character? Scooby Doo and the gang – Love those creative, problem solving guys!!!

16) Where did your inspiration to become marry a chef a come from? I quickly figured how to get a fabulous free meal
17) Who is your favorite chef? My husband
18) What is your philosophy on food? Food has to speak to you, catch you by surprise, satiate you visually, emotionally and physically. Yet sometimes there is nothing better than getting down and dirty with a great burger and fries.
19) What is your favorite thing to cook? Ha – that’s funny!!! Dinosaur Soup