Skip Hause

Alan ‘Skip’ Hause, Proprietor

Skip is co-owner and chef at Fabulous Food, which he and Chantal founded in 1996 to fulfill their vision of unique custom catering. As a graduate of New York’s Culinary Institute of America, Skip has stellar credentials in the culinary world. His experience includes the noted Williamsburg Inn, corporate work for Omni Hotels International, and sixteen years as Executive for Continental Catering. Skip is also co-author and the culinary talent behind the leading culinary textbook in the country, On Cooking, now going to print in its sixth edition.

In 1996, Chantal and Skip launched Fabulous Food, and they have been producing one of a kind events with exquisite artisan cuisine ever since. So in 2011, when the opportunity to tackle a new adventure presented itself, the owners of Fabulous Food took a flying leap into the restaurant industry with Gertrude’s. Sometimes you just have to jump!

A Little More About Skip

1) What is your favorite comfort food? Chicken, anyway you do it!

2) Do you prefer your peanut butter crunchy or smooth? Are you nuts? Crunchy of coarse! (Coarse, get it?)

3) What is the best restaurant you have eaten at? The Hause House in Scottsdale

4) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Rocky Road

5) What is your guilty pleasure? Eating ice cream on the couch before bed with an iced tea spoon

6) How would you spend a lazy Sunday? Watching football and playing with the kids, then a ride on the Harley!

7) What is favorite form of exercise? Hiking in Glacier Park

8) Who is your favorite cartoon character? Mickey Mouse! The kids have drilled him into my head. Or do I hate him? Hmmm…